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Values of Strength Over Silence

#SOS is an online platform and community that works to inspire and equip young women on their journey toward finding their voice, their strength, and their story. We believe that if you want to see change in the world, you must first be the change. To become a world-changer, we believe our voices are the ground-breaking tool used to make the first step. In a world that creates a culture of living perfectly and “having it all,” sharing our stories and testimonies will allow us to break the cycle of resisting vulnerability, and to step out and be a voice that conquers instead of covers. Through this process, these core values–Encourage, Enlighten, Empower–help sustain strength and build character to become the best possible version of ourselves, to better equip us to be the world-changers, ground-breakers, and image-shakers that we’re seeking to become. We’re working to redefine self-love and authenticity, and to break the negative stereotypes of envy, competition, and hate in a social comparison world.

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This group is open to anyone seeking strength, guidance, and an online community! If you’re looking for a safe place that offers encouragement, personal growth, and uplifting friendships that pursue a culture of self-love, authenticity, and fulfillment…then join us on the same journey 🙂

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WHY we exist:

#SOS exists in order to create a safe space for young women, around ages 17-28, to bring about self-awareness, rising above limitations, and creating an atmosphere and culture of self-love, true authenticity, and fulfillment. We also bring awareness and talk about issues of anxiety, depression, comparison, envy, self-hate, and unspoken/hidden topics surrounding the depths of discontentment, so that we may break barriers and to bring about change in these social dynamics, as well as within ourselves. The ultimate goal is to create the absolute best and highest version of ourselves, and inspire others to do the same. 

WHAT we aim to achieve:

To bring transformation around society’s culture of competition and comparison, and to redefine self-love and image. To share our personal testimonies to further inspire our generation, and generations to come. To welcome vulnerability while we overcome limitations placed on us by ourselves and society. To change the way we perceive the world, by creating an organization that believes in changing the world TOGETHER. We strive to attain our higher vision of fulfillment, purpose, self-love, authenticity, faith, and accomplishments in the world. To change the feeling of “not good enough” to truly feeling “more than enough.”

HOW we plan to achieve our mission:

(1) Bring awareness to the issues surrounding loneliness, doubt and fear. And work to create change around these issues. People that may be (quietly) suffering have a place to go, to be heard, and are now able to relate to others that go through the same things. 

(2) To create an inspirational outlet that motivates and helps others throughout their day. It starts with progress and working day-to-day. Using social media platforms for good, and to let people know that there is a community that will ACCEPT all forms of life—brokenness and all. To use these platforms to create LOVE instead of hate or envy.

(3) Holding workshops and events that gather people who either suffer, or want to inspire. We’re in a no-judgement zone. In these workshops and events hosted, we will have guest speakers that speak from a place of heart where they were once suffering and lonely, and transformed into the highest, best version of themselves through strength. In their stories, they will speak of the past, but mainly speak of what they’ve become because of it. They will explain what motivating force or factor changed their life and their mindset.

WHAT we stand for:

We stand for the fight. We stand for resilience, courage, strength, and for the women who feel that they lost something during their war against opposition and challenge, and are here to claim their voice again. We believe in restoration and healing. And with each story and testimony shared, there’s someone out there who has felt related to and heard for the first time. We’re working to be the change people wish to see in the world. By joining forces and sharing testimonies, we work to show others that feeling broken and defeated is not the end result. There’s a path waiting to be discovered that offers their highest potential at the end. So what are we here for as a community? To help show others how to get there. We encourage, uplift, and enlighten. We welcome anyone from all walks of life to come as they are, to join the rise against life’s challenges, and to find a place where we can allow ourselves to feel whole again. It’s not just about spreading awareness, but being a collective example that reaches far more people than one single person could. We stand for those who can’t stand on their own. We stand behind each other. We stand for peace. We stand with Jesus. 

Our fundamental purpose:

We inspire and motivate others to be vulnerable. We inspire others to act, instead of watching the world continually shift into negative comparison. We love sharing our stories because it gives our hearts an outlet.

#SOS gives people the chance to make their contribution in the world, while also continuing to contribute to their overall personal development.

Our promise:

We won’t rest until we’ve made a positive impact on those that are suffering and in search for help, while we provide our members with support and the resources needed to turn pain into glory. You will come out to be a better person than you were yesterday. We provide an atmosphere that contributes to learning, growth, and fun.