About Avery

Changing perspectives, changing lives. 


 Hi, I’m Avery! 

I’m an adventure-seeker who loves anything from the outdoors to traveling. You can always find me with a coffee in my hand and any Drake album on repeat. My dreams are to travel the world, to become a motivational speaker and to help those in need. I consider myself free-spirited and freedom-searching. All Glory goes to God in everything I do.

More about Avery:

I’m a Strength Coach in-training through the Catalyst Coaching Intensive program. I 11072174_10203959079441075_4883299399946634500_nempower men and women around the globe to naturally heal their anxieties, help them to achieve self-love, authenticity, and to create direction and a meaningful life.

I’m a graduate from Sam Houston State University (SHSU), where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Inside my experience at SHSU, I was granted many opportunities to discover my passion for public speaking, and helping others through organizations, volunteer work, and even pageants.

In 2015, I experienced my first-ever pageant and was honored to be announced as the winner of the Miss Sam Houston Pageant. From then on, I advanced to the Miss Texas (America) Scholarship Pageant in July of 2015. While I worked relentlessly toward my goals throughout my reign, I started out as a volunteer for the SAAFE House, and took part in many fundraisers and events that aided IMG_2599Domestic Violence victims–this was the birth of my passion for helping others who need it. I then used my platform to share my experiences with Domestic Violence within my own home. Being on stage became more comfortable for me as my confidence in My Story grew (and continues to grow).


About “Strength Coaching”:

My content is taken strictly from everything I have learned in life, every life experience. My platform is intended to help others, to build a a safe place, and to aid you on your journey toward the improvement of your mental health, lifestyle and wellness…at your own pace! You will find that my values are heavily incorporated into my coaching style: Christianity, Integrity, Sincerity, Humility, Honesty, Openness and Love. Because my content is based on my life experiences and knowledge, I ask that my readers remain open-minded to the opinions and insightful stories that are shared from myself…and others! If you’re interested in discovering your potential, breaking barriers, and finding a companion on this journey, Strength Coaching might be just for you!

Oh, and one more message I would like to share…

Do not lose hope in yourself, or in your dreams. Do not be fearful of stepping out of your comfort zone, because it can lead you to places that are unimaginable. Do not be fearful of the opinion of others. If you are doing something you love and it stays true to your heart, follow it.

With Love,


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