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I am a certified Life Coach for women seeking help through personal development, career development, and spiritual development. I am a writer for the Strength Over Silence blog, and founder of the online community, platform, and brand: #SOS. I also assist entrepreneurs in the development of brand awareness through marketing and social media efforts. You may contact me for bookings and prices via e-mail: bookaverycarrier@gmail.com

I’m passionate about teaching others the art of overcoming fear and living authentically.I’m here to show you that your truth, passion, and purpose can be found on the other side of doubt and fear.

More about Avery:

I’m a Jesus-loving, free-spirited girl born and raised in Katy, Texas. I have an insatiable desire to see others reach their full potential in life. Because of this desire, I brought my problem-solving skills into the world, and now help and equip women to live in their purpose, and revive their vision & passion for life. I believe that ultimate fulfillment comes from the practice of unbecoming everything we’re not, so we can become everything we’re meant to be–to fulfill our God-given purpose. Nothing lights my fire more than helping others reignite their hope & faith, and helping them discover effective solutions. I like to provide soul-searching resources that help improve self-awareness, intuition and personal development in others. I believe in enriching perspectives, emphasizing talents, and encouraging resilience in everyone I meet.

I’m a graduate from Sam Houston State University (SHSU), where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Throughout my time in college, I was blessed with many opportunities to discover my passion for public speaking, and helping others through community organizations, volunteer work, raising awareness for causes, and even competing in scholarship pageants.

In 2015, I competed in my first-ever pageant held at my university, where I was crowned Miss Sam Houston, and advanced onto the Miss Texas (America) Scholarship Pageant. Little did I know, that these moments are what changed my life (and my career) forever. Before college, I first had goals to graduate and become a business manager for a company, or to advance into a position of authority. But pageantry changed that for me. It completely forced me out of my comfort zone into an unforeseen world. I discovered that I had hidden, unused talents in writing, speaking, leading, and performing. I wrote speeches, led campaigns, spoke at events about my past and my platform (Domestic Violence Awareness), and enjoyed work in and outside of my college community.


Through this, I’ve learned that incredibly beautiful things can happen when you give faith a chance, and reach after things that at first glance seem impossible to achieve. My life went from predictable and mundane, to an adventurous journey. This change wasn’t easily welcome at first. But I believe God has shown me that life is found outside of the comfort zone. That purpose begins once we decide to walk faithfully into the unknown; where all possibilities are held. First, I had to stop feeding the lies that replayed in my head telling me that I “wasn’t worthy enough, wasn’t smart enough, wasn’t bold enough” to reach for BIG, extraordinary goals and dreams. But all of the painful experiences that once destroyed my peace, have also led me to the very thing that gives me purpose & meaning: to teach people like you what is possible through faith, and to bring enlightenment to all of the possibilities that are found outside of our comfort zone.

I’m here to tell you that you have a divine destiny. One that brings you fulfillment, passion and meaning. I’m also here to tell you that your purpose, your vision, your passion and your new reality can be found on the other side of doubt and fear. And I can guarantee that if you stick around, you’ll find what you need here.

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