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“Turn your trials into testimonies”

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.48.43 PMHi! I’m Avery, your personal Strength & Confidence Coach, and founder of the online community Strength Over Silence. I believe in creating a culture of self-love, authenticity and fulfillment. I’m passionate about equipping women & men to live in their purpose, and to revive and cultivate their vision and passion for life through self-transformation and perspective. I’m here to show you the beauty in the battle! Want to know more?

About Strength & Confidence Coaching:

Wait…what is Life Coaching? 

I like to describe Life Coaching as a form of mentorship and partnership. My job as a Life Coach is to ensure that we get you started on your journey toward living your most rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle possible. This isn’t traditional therapy. In fact, Life Coaching isn’t traditional, nor is it therapy. We aren’t working backwards in attempt to untangle your past. But even better…we’ll work together to create the best version of yourself and bring it to life! We turn away from the focus of the past for a more future-oriented view. It’s not about what you did, but what you can do.

Life Coaching is fit to match your personal style of learning and developing. If you work best with wine in your hand in the comfort of your own home, let’s book a session over the phone! If you work best in a productive setting, let’s get a cup of coffee and discuss what fulfillment looks like to you! To learn more about how you can book a session, click here.

So…what is Strength & Confidence Coaching?

I believe that fulfillment and development within “the self” will also bring fulfillment and major progress in your external world. I believe that before you can love anything else, you must love yourself. Self-love and strength go hand-in-hand, they both require every day maintenance and effort. But the ideal goal is to have you accessing self-love and inner strength as if it were second-nature! And on the journey toward inner strength, self-love and authenticity, your external and worldly goals will be driven by your sustaining self-belief.

At the end of this journey in our sessions, your self-love and strength will become your driving force toward making your dreams, goals, and purpose in life a reality.

Do you…

  • Experience doubt, negativity or fear in your everyday life?
  • Feel stuck in life, or feel stuck in your current circumstances?
  • Experience feelings of being de-motivated, unsure or indecisive?
  • Feel like you lack purpose of meaning in your life?
  • Constantly feel alone, or a sense of loneliness?
  • Constantly feel pressure, or feel overwhelmed?
  • Constantly think to yourself “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t let go”?
  • Suffer from depression/anxiety?
  • Are you looking for more in life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, consider booking a free consultation with me. During our free 30-minute phone call, you can further decide if taking the next step toward fulfillment is something you’re ready for! You may also e-mail me if you may be interested, or if you just need to ask questions.

why choose Strength Coaching? 

Here is where you can find yourself, or recreate yourself to fit the you that you’ve always wanted to become.

I’ve spent most of my young-adult life battling depression and anxiety. I felt as if I was constantly on the search for meaning, acceptance and purpose. I would try to find ways to fill the void I felt in my heart. I was in a constant state of mind that convinced me “I’m not good enough, I won’t get to where I need to be, and that I’m never going to be happy and feel like myself again.” I’ve been mistreated, bullied, and verbally, sexually, physically and emotionally abused by people I trusted.

I was someone who lost meaning in life and turned toward anger and resentment to fight when I felt weak. I was dark, afraid and trapped in my negative thinking. It wasn’t until I welcomed change into my life that I discovered a new world and way of being. I allowed myself to recover and rediscover. I saw a part of myself that I had never seen before. I saw something beautiful for the first time after I welcomed God into my life. My hatred against the world turned into a curiosity and determination for overcoming challenges. All of the negative feelings, trials and tribulations led me here…to tell you that who I was is no longer who I am now. And that my strength through these battles gave me a renewed passion and spirit for helping those who are also recovering from a battle they can’t seem to get out of.

I learned that abuse is not apart of me, and it surely didn’t have power over me. It is, however, a part of My Story.

  • Below I talk about my platform, Strength Over Silence, and how I turned it into a community.

Strength Over Silence

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 5.36.50 PM

Strength Over Silence, or #SOS, is an online platform and community of women that  inspire you on your personal journey toward finding your voice, your strength, and your story! Here you will find growth, inspiration, and a passionate group of women who seek personal development and meaning! Join us here!

To Encourage, Enlighten, and Empower you through writing and coaching techniques, we open up the platform for you to share your story, and to be the change you wish to see in the world. So if you love motivational, empowered and inspired people, you’ll feel right at home! Here is where you can find yourself, or recreate yourself to fit the you that you’ve always wanted to become.

SOS CommunityMy mission is to have you leaving my page feeling inspired, motivated, and guided in your journey toward self-fulfillment and authenticity. Do you consider yourself a warrior? If you aren’t there yet, do you want to be? What if you saw the challenges & circumstances you’re facing today as a beautiful journey, instead of a burdensome, destructive product of the past? The goal here is to create a vision, and if you’re reading posts from Strength over Silence, know that you’re on the journey towards revealing and healing any burdens that left you feeling empty and confused. I believe in sharing stories and testimonies. Here is where we break any barriers of judgement, and bring on the support you may be looking for. Choosing Strength over Silence means choosing Your Strength over any challenge that has held you back, limited you, completely broke you, or discouraged you. Your voice, your authenticity, your self-love, and your spirit will be restored and endured.

Here’s a little background story: 

My platform “Strength Over Silence” was stemmed from my original platform: “Domestic Violence Awareness.” In 2015, I was blessed with the humbling experience to compete in the Miss Texas Pageant (Miss America System) and represent my amazing university (Sam Houston State University) as Miss Sam Houston 2015. Taking advantage of this title during my year-long term, I created opportunities to volunteer, host, raise money and share stories about my personal experiences coping with Domestic Violence and issues of confidence and self-love.11072174_10203959079441075_4883299399946634500_n


With the pleasure to serve as the ambassador of my university, I was not fully aware of the impact serving others had on me. When I passed on my reign as Miss Sam Houston in 2016, I didn’t want to stop there. I knew God had placed the desire in my heart to serve others, and it was up to me to find an outlet. Here I am two years later, to tell you about #StrengthOverSilence and how I can use your help to spread the word.

My goals for #SOS community: 

  • Sharing personal testimonies
  • Changing perceptions of challenges and trials
  • Encouraging others to promote their story (everyone has a story they don’t share)
  • Developing a brand that encourages being true to yourself, and joining the #StrengthMovement
  • Host seminars and workshops that focus on building strength and confidence
  • Influence young adults who need guidance & relatable material/resources
  • My goals for this platform include self-confidence building, stability and emotional health, as well as exercising, refining, and reshaping self-image.
  • We welcome anyone from all walks of life!!!

“You’ve been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved. ” 

Move Mountains SOSIf there is anything I would like you to take from this post, it’s that ‘growing through what you go through’ is vital to your capacity to stand strong. Not all of your problems will fade, but your ability to overcome those challenges will motivate and prepare you for absolutely any battle life throws your way. Not only will you be prepared to step into the fire, but you’ll be prepared to bring others out with you. 

If you’re looking for advice tailored to your individual questions, needs, or concerns. Contact me from by e-mail, or go to the “Contact” section on my blog title menu on the home page. There you will find my e-mail, along with my social media contact information.


This section will be used as a tool for any personal testimonies and comments readers would like to share. If you have anything specific you would like me to write about, I am open to any ideas. Any questions you have about me personally, will be answered under my “About Me” page.

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Your Strength & Confidence Coach

Avery Carrier

xoxo, Avery

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