How to Initiate Change

Do you ever think to yourself that you need to make a change, but you don’t exactly know how? Maybe you want to change your perspective, your mindset, your habits, or your attitude. It could even be external. Maybe you want to change your environment or your relationships. Do you ever wonder if there’s some kind of “secret formula” for change? I know I was always so curious how others made it seem so quick and easy. They would say to me “Just do it. Go after what you want.” It was so much easier said than done in my mind.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.26.27 PMFor me, I was going through a period where I so badly wanted to change my perspective and attitude. I would get so angry because I didn’t know how. I tried practicing positive self-talk, reading the Bible, talking with God more often, and just by changing up my routine. I was getting so frustrated because I wasn’t seeing immediate results for my efforts. It still seemed SO difficult to fight through my negative thinking. This had gone on for a few months. But one day I woke up and said “today’s different.” I suddenly had this drive that I was lacking. I finally felt stronger than my fears and doubts. I’m telling you, this isn’t just a feeling of motivation. It’s a sustaining power to choose that I am changed. It’s a sustaining power to choose faith over fear.

Change is a choice!

Have you ever heard someone say ‘change doesn’t happen overnight?’ Well I’m here to tell you that it’s far from the truth. No, we can’t control external events. But what we can control is our own actions and mindset. We make the choice to think positively or negatively DAILY. And those actions that we choose to make have a direct impact on our future. But what I’ve learned through testing times, is that you are allowed to wake up tomorrow and decide that the rest of your life is going to be different. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.22.58 PMI challenge you this week to find out what it is your are looking for, and pursue it. Stop letting your own limitations hold you back. Stop letting your mind trick you into a life that you are no longer passionate about. Make the choice that you will no longer accept defeat.

I know that I’ve allowed my mind to convince myself that I can’t pursue something just because I didn’t have enough of something else (time, resources, money, etc.) Change begins and ends with you. You have to say to yourself that this isn’t what you want anymore. Put forth the effort and demand that effort from yourself daily. Do not let some painful life event be the only reason that things need to be different. If there is something you’re itching to make happen, now is the time. And like I said, you are allowed to change overnight.

My personal testimony

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.23.26 PMSide story: I just want to share my own little personal testimony. My drive and will to change was easily God-sent. For the longest time I was living in frustration, guilt, fear, and especially doubt. I would pray to God maybe once a day, while in the past I would pray every hour. I really doubted God and what He could do for me. I definitely practiced staying positive, but it was so hard at the time because I allowed it to be. When I got angry or frustrated, I practiced reminding myself that I shouldn’t be so quick to anger, and that I need to wait to see how the matter turned out. Soon my anger was channeled in other areas of my life. Road rage would result, or my quick tongue would cause an argument with someone I care for. My first choice to change was by making it a point to read the Bible daily, and to also pray to God even when it’s hardest to pray. That slowly became easier the more I did it. The enemy enjoys watching the distance between God and I grow farther apart, and I couldn’t stand it. I let him have it. But not for too long, because I began to pray powerfully about the things I wanted most: positivity, enthusiasm, hope, purpose, action, drive, a grateful heart. I would thank God for already giving me these qualities, even when I didn’t feel that I fully possessed them.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that I reflected on how far I had come and immediately broke down. It hit me like a brick wall: where God guides, He truly provides. I began to see purpose and hope in my days. I would get up in the morning excited for what the day would bring. When a negative situation arose, I would immediately see it as an opportunity to get stronger. I felt so powerful (in a healthy sense). I couldn’t stand the thought of defeat. And the best part is, the feeling I have in my heart is God’s sustaining power. Where God leads He will make you stronger, and will sustain anything He provides. As a result, my soul feels restored and my heart no longer feels weakened. ~ This power is sustainable. This power is sustainable. This power is sustainable. ~
My advice: if you ever feel weakened, doubtful, or fearful…turn to God. I was limiting myself because of my fearful thinking, and God has given me the ability to break down those barriers. If He can restore all of the hope I had lost within weeks, imagine what He can do for you within days, months, years!

Change is discipline. Change is courage. Change is power. Change is forward-thinking. Change is persistent. Change is purposeful. Change is made by you. 

Change is a choice. Remind yourself that you have the power to decide who you want to be at any moment, and you can simply just become that person. Stop waiting for change to happen to you. Stop accepting the limitations your mind creates. Those limitations are a self-destructing illusion. Watch how much your life changes when you start changing from the inside out. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I know I do.

Stay Positive and Happy Monday!

With Love,

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