About Avery: “What Inspires My Writing”

My life experiences shape my content 


Writing about the things I’ve learned from life is what gives power to my thoughts and words. In fact, it’s the hardest part for me; to share with the world what I’ve gone through just for people to suck in all the information of an experience, in hopes that they leave my page feeling a little more confident and worthy.

What I believe makes this interesting, is that I can’t fully publish an article until the subject (or topic) has come to a close in my life. For example, my previous post  You are Enough. was published after I made a huge stride in my personal development of self-love, and was finally able to close that chapter (for now, anyway). The newer the experience, the fresher my memory. I want my words to be impactful–passion and leadership make an impact. The way I see it…I can’t lead with passion unless I know for a fact that I’ve fought through challenge hard enough to win myself over. I will not be overcome by any adversity, and that’s my stance today. I want my posts to be of certain conviction, to let anyone know that people have a story that created the person they are today. These chapters that we all go through are painful, and some people experience them in different ways. I personally believe that God knows the only way I can really grow through something is to feel it… deeply. Passion is a strong and compelling emotion, which must be deeply felt in order to be expressed. Going through a challenge soon became a blessing, because each challenge has offered a new, and grand perspective. So now I can look a challenge in the eye, and know that I will become the next best version of myself coming out of it.

I struggle with putting emotion into words, and it’s something I try to practice every day. I take in a lot of energy around me and process it–that includes my experiences. If I’m going through a period where self-love and/or inner peace is one of my weaknesses, I am working on processing it, then relaying the internal message to my readers. As I slowly show you guys a little bit of who I am, it allows me to open up more and more about the experiences that shape me, to better help you! Hint my platform “Rescued People Rescue People.”

My perspective is constantly shifting 

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

One of the best gifts God has given me is a changing perspective. When we enter a challenge, it’s so important find various ways of looking at it. Our first instinct is to naturally Perspectivedelve into self-pity, or to be so negative that all you see is the problem instead of the blessing. It doesn’t come easily of course, but I’ve found various ways to cope with that. 1) I reach out to family for advice, and ask someone to offer a different perspective 2) Personally, I go for a run outside instead of going to the gym. It opens my eyes to the beauty of what surrounds me 3) I pray, pray, pray for encouragement, and 4) sometimes it doesn’t hurt to get inspired. Try opening a book, or listening to a podcast. You need something that will take away your negativity and find something that gives you hope! I find that we’re all often so busy with life, that we forget to take a step back to just…be.

Another aspect that inspires my writing can go as far as someone telling me a story that impacts me in a powerful way. It can be as little as a struggle that someone goes through, or a problem that seems (at the time) almost impossible to overcome. I am genuinely inspired by stories of triumph and overcoming adversity, even when someone is currently going through it. I like to believe that maybe one day my writing will inspire those that look to power through a challenge, big or small. My platform “Strength Over Silence” signifies how empowering it can feel to share your story, and to encourage others to do the same. There is something so powerful about sharing something that was once hidden–I’ve only learned that through experience. Sharing something that was once so sacred, and is now used for others to know that they are not alone. (But please note, that I still have the utmost respect for people who decide to remain quiet). 

My relationship with God continues to grow

I’m going to say with my whole heart, that God is the reason I’ve gotten here today. Before I started writing, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my free time, I just knew I wanted to make a difference out there in the world. I know that as long as I do the work, God will do His part. I’ve prayed about it for so long, because I felt so idle just sitting back and watching the world go by. I had always wondered what activity I could be doing that would be of benefit to someone out there. I need to be out in the world somehow, making a difference. So, eventually God put it in my heart to start writing. I used to enjoy writing when I was younger, so I felt that maybe this was a calling. What I do know is–that if I distance myself from God, my writing has less meaning, and my inspiration–less impactful. Although my prayer life and my relationship with God aren’t perfect, I know that He is still there waiting for me–directing me and subtly showing me what He’s doing in my life and in my writing.


It truly makes me happy to know that any one of my readers have been positively impacted by my posts. It’s what keeps me going! If you ever have anything you’d like to know, or have any advice you need to ask, please don’t hesitate to go to my “Contact” page and shoot me an email. Or, you can just simply leave a comment! (which you may also do anonymously)

Once I find my rhythm, you can expect posts more consistently. Thank you all so much for the support along the way!


With Love,


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