Strength Over Silence


#StrengthOverSilence and #RescuedPeopleRescuePeople is an online platform that I have been researching and revising for almost two years now. My passion to help and serve others has grown tremendously, and this blog has given me the ability to voice my platform and advice. My goal is to empower those facing adversity, and to become a voice that reminds others that they are not alone. My intensions for this platform include self-confidence building, stability and emotional health, as well as exercising, refining, and reshaping self-image.

Here’s a little background story: 

This platform was stemmed from my original platform–Domestic Violence Awareness. In 2015, I was blessed with a remarkable opportunity to compete in the Miss Texas Pageant (with the Miss America System) and represent my amazing university (Sam Houston State University) as Miss Sam Houston 2015. Taking advantage of this title during my year-long term, I created opportunities to volunteer, host, raise money and share stories about my personal experiences coping with Domestic Violence and issues of confidence and self-love.


This was taken at the Luminary Vigil – which honors fallen victims of Domestic Violence. Hosted by Alpha Chi Omega and the SAAFE House (Sexual Assault & Abuse Free Environment) where I gave my personal testimony as a victim. (Oct. 2015)


With the pleasure to serve as the ambassador of my university, I was not fully aware of the impact serving others had on me. When I passed on my reign as Miss Sam Houston in 2016, I didn’t want to stop there. I knew God had placed the desire in my heart to serve others, and it was up to me to find an outlet. Here I am two years later, to tell you about #StrengthOverSilence and how I can use your help to spread awareness in the future.

My dreams for #StrengthOverSilence: 

I decided to start off small, in hopes that my blog posts will enlighten others and encourage a positive lifestyle. I hope to someday take off with this platform, and begin funding and forming a non-profit organization, to take my written posts to the public and begin my dream to serve others as a motivational public speaker (which allows me to reach a wider audience). My future plans include:

  • Sharing personal testimonies
  • Changing perceptions of challenges and trials
  • Encouraging others to promote their story (everyone has a story they don’t share)
  • Developing a brand that encourages being true to yourself: “Be You. Be [U]nique.”
  • Host seminars and workshops that focus on building strength and confidence

“You’ve been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved. ” 

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 4.24.41 PMAfter facing numerous battles of depression, anxiety, violence and silence in my younger years, there isn’t any battle I’m too fearful to face. Not only because of my faith in God, and not necessarily because I’ve been through it before, but because the experiences forced me to grow and shape me into the person I am today. While I thought everything around me was falling apart, God showed me the purpose of my trials. God knows what I need… if I want to become the woman I dream of being. The more acceptance I had toward a challenge, the more strength I possessed going through it. 

If there is anything I would like you to take from this post, it’s that ‘growing through what you go through’ is vital to your capacity to stand strong. Not all of your problems will fade, but your ability to overcome those challenges will motivate and prepare you for absolutely any battle life throws your way. Not only will you be prepared to step into the fire, but you’ll be prepared to bring others out with you. 

This blog post demonstrates what my future posts will look like, and allows me to put my desire to serve out there in the world. 

P.S. On my blog menu I have a “Ask a Question” section. It allows you to enter your information, which includes your name and email. Please feel free to comment on any concerns, questions, advice (or questions for advice) and feedback you may have. This section will be used as a tool for any personal stories and comments readers would like to share. Utilizing this tool is the most important thing to me, because it allows me to connect with my readers. If you have anything specific you would like me to write about, I am open to absolutely any ideas. And any questions you have about me personally, will be answered under my “About Me” page under “FAQ.”

If you would like to receive updates every time I post, there is a “follow” button on the side handle! Please, feel free to ask questions and remember to choose Strength Over Silence.


With Love, 


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