We believe in finding our truth. We believe that when someone shares a story or a testimony, it creates lasting hope and acceptance. While our voices create unity and strength, silence–the opposing force–creates separation. Silence is what allows people to suffer without recourse. Your story can be both prison and the crowbar to break open the door of that prison. Your voice can also be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison. Maybe at one point you’ve felt silenced, ignored, downplayed, or misunderstood by something that deeply affected you. In turn, you may have felt it was necessary to silence a part of yourself that never healed, or that has never been expressed. Here’s the good news: 

In this Movement…

Liberation is always part of the story-telling process: breaking silences, sharing experiences, and making new stories. A free woman tells her own story. A valued woman lives in a society (or community) where her story has a place. Sometimes just being able to speak, to be heard, and to be believed are crucial parts of membership in a community. And let me tell you sister, you and your voice have a place here.

Free to join the #StrengthMovement

We’re working on defining purpose as we pursue & exercise our highest version of our best self! Join our (free) exclusive Facebook Group! In the #StrengthMovement, we talk about all things:

Self-love & Acceptance, Purpose & Meaning, Faith & Jesus, Lifestyle Goals, Personal Development, Dreams & Passions, and Overcoming Limitations, Fears, Doubts & Challenges.

Find your voice. Find your tribe. Find fulfillment

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#SOS Community

what we offer
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weekly topics
  • Self-Love, Confidence & Acceptance
  • Meaning & Purpose
  • Faith, Hope & Jesus
  • Lifestyle & Habits
  • Personal Development goals
  • Dreams and passions
  • Facing Limitations and Challenges
  • Overcoming Doubt and Fear

All inside the #StrengthMovement: Our (FREE) exclusive Facebook Community!

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#SOS creates a safe space for young women to connect, share, grow and learn through all things regarding purpose, positive living and personal development. We share experiences, and offer discussions to enhance self-awareness, to gain confidence in facing our limitations, and to create a culture of intentional living and authenticity. We aim to break barriers and to bring about change in our social dynamics, as well as within ourselves. The ultimate goal is to create the absolute best and highest version of ourselves, and inspire each other to do the same. 

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We love to inspire and motivate everyday women to come as they are, and feel comfortable in their own skin. We believe vulnerability leads to finding self-acceptance, authenticity and self-awareness. We encourage sharing personal testimonies and experiences to show people just like you that they are not alone in the battle. We inspire women to create a culture of acceptance, as we work to defeat the ultimate thief of joy: comparison, envy and doubt. We’re always promoting community over competition! ❤

#SOS gives women the chance to make their mark on the world, while contributing to their overall personal development.


We share resources such as blogs and freebies to create an inspirational outlet that serves to motivate & uplift you throughout the day! We offer opportunities for you to contribute & enhance your skills and talents in and outside of the community. We use these platforms to create and inspire vulnerability, love, support, community and authenticity. And best of all, we welcome you brokenness and all. ❤

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Strength & Confidence Life Coaching.

Hi, I’m Avery! I’m a certified Life Coach, and founder of the Strength Over Silence community. I believe in creating a culture of purpose, authenticity and fulfillment. I’m passionate about equipping women & men to live with intention, to revive their passion for life, to pursue a vision, and to cultivate their highest potential. I emphasize the importance of self-acceptance, self-awareness & perspective. I’m here to show you the beauty in the battle! Want to know more? Click here. 

Strength & Confidence Life Coaching: What is it?

My job as a Strength & Confidence Life Coach, is to ensure that we get you on the path that you envision. We will work together to get you moving toward fulfillment and progress within yourself and your external world. I believe that access to self-love and confidence in your path is the key to unlocking your full potential. The goal is to build your inner strength so that we can work to defeat any doubt, fear, limitations or restrictions that keep you from achieving your full potential. It will be my job to help you develop yourself, to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be. I aid in these given areas:

  • Career Development, Personal Development, Personal Life, Spirituality, Relationships, Overcoming Anxiety, Higher Meaning/Purpose, Finding your Passion. 

At the end of this journey in our sessions, your self-love and strength will become your driving force toward making your dreams, goals, and purpose in life a reality.

strength and confience coaching

Do you…

  • Experience doubt, negativity or fear in your everyday life?
  • Feel as if you’re lost, or lack drive in your career?
  • Feel stuck in life, or feel stuck in your current circumstances?
  • Feel unmotivated, unsure or indecisive?
  • Feel like you lack purpose or meaning in your life?
  • Suffer from doubt and fear getting in the way of your goals?
  • Have a hard time getting around limitations or opposition?
  • Constantly feel alone, or have a vague sense of loneliness?
  • Constantly feel pressure, or feel overwhelmed?
  • Constantly think to yourself “I don’t have what it takes.”
  • Suffer from depression, anxiety or guilt?
  • Are you looking for more in life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, consider booking a free consultation with me. During our free 25-minute phone call, you can further decide if taking the next step toward fulfillment is something you’re ready for! You may e-mail me at bookaverycarrier@gmail.com if Life Coaching interests you, or if you just need to ask questions. I respond within 24 hours!

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Meet the Team!

Hi ladies, my name is Jennifer Zumbro! I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and currently study Victim Studies at SHSU! My dream is to buildup survivor progress after traumatic events, as well as educating society on how common victimization is today. Alongside coursework, I enjoy all things fashion, inspirational reads, meditation, modeling & photography! I first heard of #SOS around the time I began one-on-one life coaching with Avery. I learned more about self-care, confidence, and self-improvement. I’m apart of the #SOS Community because of the benefits I’ve reaped myself. An inspiring group of women can impact lives, and it all begins within each of us. We’re here to hear you out, to support you, to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The core values of #SOS are inline with my values, which is why I believe in the future of this community so much. IG: @jenn_zumbro

lauren reed
Creative Director

Hi, my name is Lauren Reed! I’m from Conroe, TX and a graduate from Texas A&M University. I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling at Sam Houston State University. I love writing/advocating, blogging, and fashion. I am apart of the #SOS community because I think there is so much beauty in encouraging/empowering women to find their voice when they feel like they don’t have one. I have been in situations where I felt like I lost mine, but I know what it is like to overcome the quiet and speak up for what I believe in. I would love to help other women out there who are struggling or women who just need a friend, confidant, or motivator to talk to. IG: @xoxo_laurenreed4

Magda Gonzalez
Magda Gonzalez #SOS ambassador
Digital Content

Hello beautiful people, I’m Magda Gonzalez! I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and rasied in San Antonio, Texas! I am 24 years old & an alumna from Sam Houston State University 🐾 I am currently the Director of Communications for a local tech & transportation company in SATX. My passions & hobbies include dancing, marketing, networking, sharing my story, fashion and public speaking. My vision is to help make #SOS recognized around the country by recruiting strong women to represent #SOS. Coaching others the message of “Choosing Strength Over Silence” will become part of the #bossbabe lifestyle. I believe #SOS has the potential to change the lives of so many women who are looking to be guided in order to heal, recover and reach their full potential. IG: @magdagonzy

carly randall
Carly Randall #SOS Ambassador
Community Coordinator

My name is Carly Grace Randall! I was born in San Antonio, but now live in Kerrville, TX. I currently work at a treatment center, as I’ve dedicated the last year to helping recovering alcoholics and addicts. I am a pup-mom to a 2-year-old rescue named Faith. I’m passionate about helping others from all walks of life. I’m apart of the #SOS Community because I believe in creating a space to share stories & struggles for women from different backgrounds. I believe in helping women achieve the confidence to speak about the quiet things they battle on a daily basis, or traumatic experiences they have walked through and came out stronger on the other side. By sharing stories, we’re reaching other women who are going through the same, but may be too afraid to reach out for help. IG: @carlygracerandall

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  • Do you want to contribute your own ideas to a community of like-minded women?
  • Are you interested in utilizing your talents & skills with a who recognizes them?
  • Do you consider yourself to be inspirational, motivating, and encouraging?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions…consider joining our team of inspiring leaders! Find your tribe within a group of uplifting souls ❤

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