“Creating a culture of self-love, authenticity, and fulfillment through your voice, your strength, and your story.”

Values of Strength Over Silence#SOS is an online platform and community that works to inspire and equip young women on their journey toward finding their voice, their strength, and their story. We believe that if you want to see change in the world, that you must first be the change. To become a world-changer, we believe our voices are the ground-breaking tool used to make the first step. In a world that creates a culture of living perfectly and “having it all,” sharing our stories and testimonies will allow us to break the cycle of resisting vulnerability, and to step out and be a voice that conquers instead of covers. Through this process, we believe these core values (Encourage, Enlighten, Empower) help sustain strength and build character to become the best possible version of ourselves, to better equip us to be world-changers, ground-breakers, and image-shakers. We’re working to redefine self-love and authenticity, and to break the negative stereotypes of envy, competition, and hate in a social comparison world.

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#SOS Sisterhood creates a safe space for young women to better themselves, to rebuild and recreate the best and highest version of themselves, and to create the life they envision.
If you’re looking for a safe place that offers encouragement, personal growth, and uplifting friendships that pursue a culture of self-love, authenticity, and fulfillment…then this journey may be for you!

We offer weekly discussions on topics such as: 
+ Self-love & Confidence
+ Acceptance
+ Meaning & Purpose
+ Faith, Hope & Jesus
+ Lifestyle & Habits
+ Personal Development goals
+ Dreams and passions
+ Overcoming Limitations and Challenges

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Strength & Confidence Life Coach


bhhHi! I’m Avery, your personal Strength & Confidence Coach, and founder of the online community Strength Over Silence. I believe in creating a culture of self-love, authenticity and fulfillment. I’m passionate about equipping women & men to live in their purpose, and to revive and cultivate their vision and passion for life through self-transformation and perspective. I’m here to show you the beauty in the battle! Want to know more? Click here. 

what is “Strength & Confidence Coaching”?

My job as a Strength & Confidence Life Coach, is to ensure that we get you on the path that you envision. We will work as partners to get you going toward fulfillment and progress within yourself and your external world. I believe that self-love and confidence in your path is the key to unlock your full potential. The ideal goal is to build your inner strength so that we can work together to defeat any doubt, fear, limitations or restrictions that keep you from accessing your full potential. It will be my job to help you develop yourself, to become the best possible version of yourself that you can be. I am not limited in the areas of working with defining self-love, inner strength and confidence, but I also aid in these given areas:

  • Career Development, Personal Development, Personal Life, Spirituality, Relationships, Overcoming Anxiety, Higher Meaning/Purpose, Finding your Passion. 

At the end of this journey in our sessions, your self-love and strength will become your driving force toward making your dreams, goals, and purpose in life a reality.


Do you…

  • Experience doubt, negativity or fear in your everyday life?
  • Feel as if you’re lost, or lack drive in your career?
  • Feel stuck in life, or feel stuck in your current circumstances?
  • Experience feelings of being de-motivated, unsure or indecisive?
  • Feel like you lack purpose of meaning in your life?
  • Constantly feel alone, or a sense of loneliness?
  • Constantly feel pressure, or feel overwhelmed?
  • Constantly think to yourself “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t let go”?
  • Suffer from depression/anxiety?
  • Are you looking for more in life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, consider booking a free consultation with me. During our free 25-minute phone call, you can further decide if taking the next step toward fulfillment is something you’re ready for! You may e-mail me at bookaverycarrier@gmail.com if Life Coaching interests you, or if you just need to ask questions. I’ll respond within 24 hours!

Facebook Page: @AveryCarrierLifeCoach